Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Back Side of Storm Sandy in Chicago

     A very busy spell followed by a major computer meltdown kept me away far longer than I expected. In penance I offer a few photos of Lake Michigan as it caught the back end  of Sandy.

     This guy got soaked. He was one of six people I saw who were foolish enough to come to the lake despite official warnings.

     This was one of the views from Promontory Point near the University of Chicago. Weather reports claimed wind gusts of up to 50 MPH and waves up to 25 feet on the lake yesterday. The lake looked a bit like the Atlantic ocean.

     Across the waves one can see the downtown Chicago skyline. The walk is wet from spray I carefully avoided. The temperature was in the '40's, so the fierce winds made the lakeside bone-chilling. I was dressed warmly enough , but I needed bare hands to use the camera. When my fingers refused to move I beat a hasty retreat. No body surfing today, thank you.

       To my friends on the real Atlantic, I hope all is well.